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Crust. By Tom Moore and Rebecca Hellman

Crust (The Cookbook)

This cookbook—with over 85 recipes—satisfies every sweet, savory, and in-between craving you might have, all while making you a better baker.

Every morning, for over a decade, locals and visitors alike have lined up outside our bakery, eager to taste our delicious, rustic baking. It’s the kind of baking you dream of filling your home with. And now, you can! Within the pages of this debut cookbook, Crust founding chef and co-owner Tom Moore shares recipes for the bakery’s most popular menu items, breaking them down into manageable steps and peppering in hints and tips to help you achieve success  at home. You’ll have no trouble making the perfect baked goods.

After years teaching at his own culinary school, Tom has anticipated every baker’s question (and woe) with a helpful troubleshooting section. Because sometimes your dough just won’t rise—and Crust will tell you why! These are bakery-quality recipes that every home baker can make with confidence.


  • Pies and Tarts including: Lemon Passion Fruit Slice, Vanilla Crème Brûlée Tart, and the Tomato, and Smoked Cheddar Quiche.

  • Muffins, Scones, and Squares: including Australian-inspired Banana and Macadamia Muffins, or the simple yet scrumptious treat from their daughter: Abby’s Favorite Chocolate Rice Krispie Squares.

  • Cakes: including a Zucchini Marmalade Cake or the multi-tiered, Mr. Rich Birthday Cake.

  • Cookies: Share Crust's cheeky take on a Down Under favorite with Tom Tams or the “little black dress of cookies,” the Pecan and Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

  • Breads: Nurture a surefire Sourdough Starter day by day (to use for a number of recipes), Cinnamon Brioche Scrolls and Aussie Crunch Rolls.

The book will be available on Sept 24th
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